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In some form or fashion, my career has always been dedicated to serving others, whether as a doctor, as a Major in the US Army, or in Congress. I have always believed strongly in the values and principles that make America great. I fought for our conservative principles before when I was first elected to Congress as part of the 1994 Republican Revolution. Today, Washington is completely dysfunctional and the Radical Left’s agenda is more extreme than ever. We need proven conservative leadership to fight back. Under Governor DeSantis and the Florida Legislature, our state government is succeeding in getting results for our citizens. It is clear to me the state legislatures are the best check against Washington’s dysfunction and gridlock. Our government in Washington is engaged in excessive overreach and meddles too much in our local affairs. As a former federal legislator, I believe I can bring a unique perspective to the way our federal constitution is supposed to work, as well as help rein in and fend off federal intrusion. I want to be sure federalism is strong and thriving, so we can protect the rights and liberties of Floridians. If you are new to this area and new to me, there is much more information you can learn from this website, and much I want to hear from you. If you would like to endorse, volunteer, or make a donation, you can do so through this website. Most importantly, even if you can’t donate or volunteer, but you want to help, there is much more you can do. I have always believed that a kind word of support spoken with sincerity to a friend or family member is worth much more than any paid advertising. I also ask for your prayers. I believe America is the greatest county in history, and Florida is the greatest place to live in our nation. However, there are people in this country and our state who don’t believe in freedom of speech, property rights, the rule of law, our constitution, or the fundamental principles that made our nation what it is today. Freedom and liberty through a virtuous people are our strength and have to be defended every day. So, the battles of the future will need to be confronted with confidence and courage for the sake of our children and generations to come. I would be honored to have your support and again serve this wonderful community in our state’s capitol. Dave Weldon M.D.

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