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Dr. Dave Weldon proudly served Brevard County in Congress from 1995-2009.

Below is a quick summary of some notable achievements Dr. Weldon secured for Brevard families.

Balancing the Budget

1998-2000: Balanced the federal budget and reduced the national debt by hundreds of billions of dollars.

Reforming Welfare

Joined Congressional Republicans in passing landmark Welfare Reform that transitioned millions of Americans off entitlement programs and back into the workforce.

Jobs, Taxes & The Economy

Dave has a long history of cutting income taxes, reducing capital gains tax, reducing taxes on Social Security benefits, offering homeownership incentives, increase child tax credits and more. He was the leading advocate for advancing Commercial Space development that has led to a robust economic boom for Brevard County.

Right to Life,

Rights of Conscience

  • 100% Pro-Life Voting Record

  • Led in the passage of the Fetal Farming, Prohibition Act of 2006 to bar the manufacturing of human fetuses for research purposes in the lab.

  • Passed an amendment prohibiting patents on human embryos.

  • Passed the Weldon amendment, which prohibited medical schools and hospitals from forcing doctors and nurses to assist in abortion procedures if it was a violation of their conscience.

Religious Freedom

Reforming VOA Broadcasts in Nigeria—Rep. Weldon put a stop to biased and incendiary content being broadcast on Voice of America Radio and funded by US tax dollars that was harming Christians in Nigeria.

Fighting for the Space Program

  • Secured funding for the International Space Station and the Space Shuttle program.

  • Helped pass the Commercial Space Act. This law enabled companies like SpaceX to come to Florida and do business. SpaceX is now a highly successful company employing thousands of people and watching rockets from the Space Coast dozens of times every year.

Improving Veterans Services

Attained a $25 million appropriation for the construction of the East Central Florida Veterans Clinic located in Viera. He also fought for the opening of satellite clinics in other areas of the county. Those clinics are now serving thousands of veterans on annual basis.

Protecting the Environment

Secured millions of dollars in appropriations to protect critical resources and habitat. Some examples of which include:

  • Funding for muck removal in the Indian River to allow the proliferation of natural sea grasses that are critical habitat for sea creatures.

  • Funding for critical beach renourishment for areas damaged or depleted by storms.

  • Funding for land acquisition for the protection of endangered sea turtles in the Archie Carr and Pelican Island Wildlife Refuges.

Roads and Infrastructure

Secured funding for numerous road and bridge projects, including:

  • The Pineda extension from Wickham Road to I-95

  • Four lane expansion of US 192 from Melbourne to Saint Cloud

  • Construction of the St Johns River Heritage Parkway.


Dave introduced and promoted a paradigm-shifting national school choice bill, H.R. 1640, that
would have aided low-income families to select a school of their choice.

Vaccine Safety

Led the efforts to remove the toxic mercury compound thimerosal from our childhood vaccines and to pressure vaccine manufacturers to fully disclose to parents and consumers safety information.

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